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Answers to Your Questions About Apryl's Cleaners in Liverpool

Q. Why should I use a cleaning company rather than just finding my own local cleaner?

A. There are a several advantages to using a company. The first is that it's a lot quicker - it'll only take you a few minutes to book your service. Secondly there's your security to consider - we run reference, CRB, and ID checks on all employees. Thirdly, we're committed to providing the highest possible standards of cleaning, so we provide training, monitor for quality on an ongoing basis, and invest in top quality equipment for specialist work. The final advantage is reliability - our team approach means that when your usual cleaner goes on holiday we can always provide replacement cover.

Q. Is there a minimum contract for regular cleaning?

A. No there isn't. Once you've arranged a regular cleaner your service will continue until you stop it, but you can cancel any time you like.

Q. I've booked a cleaning appointment but something's changed and I need to cancel it. How do I do that?

A. Just contact us through any of our contact routes. We'd appreciate as much notice as you can give us of course, but so long as you give 2 days notice or more there's no charge for cancellation.

Q. I've noticed that you offer oven cleaning as a separate service. Does this mean I can't include it in my domestic cleaning or a one off service?

A. Not at all, but there is a difference in the way the cleaning will be delivered. Your regular cleaner or one-off cleaners will clean your oven as it stands. Our oven cleaning specialists will dismantle your cooker which allows them to get to places otherwise inaccessible, and they use a range of specialist cleaning products to lift stubborn grease and baked-on carbon.

Q. How do I decide how many cleaners to book for a one-off service?

A. It depends on how much work you'd like done and the time-frame for doing it. There's also a question of the nature of the work - for example, when you want heavy items like big sofas or fridges moved we'll need to send two people to do it safely.

Q. What do I do if I'm not happy with your work?

A. We always invite customer feedback. It's usually very positive but if there's ever anything that you're dissatisfied with, we really do want to know. We owe you a lot more besides an apology if we've let you down. We'll work with you to put things right if you'll let us. Finally, we'll look at what went wrong and try to make sure we have systems in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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  • Great job on the cleaning. Happy to tell you I got my deposit back. I thought I had it all under control, my mates were supposed to come round and help but they let me down at the last minute, thanks for stepping in.Review for end of tenancy cleaning

  • Thank you so much for the work you did for me recently. We knew the house would be musty and dusty because we've been abroad for six months. We found you by chance on the internet and it made such a difference knowing that we'd come back to a house that was fresh and clean.Review for spring cleaning

  • I was very impressed with the standard of cleaning your team managed on my oven. I just don't have time to take it to pieces like your people did, and to be honest I'd be scared I'd never get it back together again. It looks great and I enjoy cooking again.Review for oven cleaning

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