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Get Below the Surfaces with Apryl's Deep Cleaning in Liverpool

Book Apryl's deep cleaning in Liverpool when you want to focus on specific cleaning chores done to the very highest possible standards. Running a cloth over the work surfaces and wiping down the cupboard doors is all very well, but sometimes it's good to get right to the back of the food storage units, or even clean behind the fridge. Use this service for any room or rooms in your home and get professional cleaners in to bring cleanliness and hygiene to all the forgotten nooks and corners.

Find Expert Cleaners in Liverpool for One-Off Work

As a householder it can be tricky for you to find a trustworthy person for a single piece of work. We're a professional cleaning company, so we have experienced cleaners ready and waiting whenever you need them:

  • Contact us 24/7 for a free quote based on the number of hours cleaning you need, and the number of cleaners you'd like us to send
  • Arrange your service for any day of the week - we may even be able to come on the very day you call
  • Choose to have our cleaners use your usual cleaning products, or ask us to supply you with eco-friendly detergents
  • Book two or more cleaners for three or more hours, and for a modest additional charge we'll even bring along the equipment needed
  • Combine your deep cleaning with other specialist services we offer and you may make savings against our normal rates for some of your work!

Deep cleaning is suitable for thorough cleaning of any occupied property. In some circumstances you may like to consider end of tenancy cleaning, perfect for an unoccupied home, or after builders cleaning, a specialist package tailored to rid your home of the mess and dust of construction work.

Jobs to Include in Your Detailed Cleaning in Liverpool

Include any regular domestic cleaning that doesn't require specialist equipment into your detailed cleaning package. Get your free quote by giving us a call, using our chat facility, or by filling in our contact form. One of our customer service team will work with you to plan your session, prepare a check list, and suggest how many cleaners will be needed for the job. Your service may focus on one or two rooms, or specific chores completed right through your home. All we ask is that you allow sufficient time for the tasks you'd like done. When your cleaners arrive they'll run through the list with you, make sure your priorities are still the same, and set to work to get as much done as possible in the time allowed.

Know Who Your Cleaners Are

Security can be an issue when you're letting strangers into your home. All of Apryl's house cleaners in Liverpool are CRB checked before starting work for us, and they'll arrive in uniform and carrying ID. We seek out individuals with a positive attitude to delivering high quality workmanship, and they receive a period of initial training before being sent out to provide any service.

Apryl's Professionals also operate a quality monitoring system to ensure that we can acknowledge and reward great work, as well as pick up on any issues at an early stage. All this means that you'll get quality cleaning from trustworthy individuals whenever you need it, and it'll only take you a few minutes to contact us and book your service.

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  • Great job on the cleaning. Happy to tell you I got my deposit back. I thought I had it all under control, my mates were supposed to come round and help but they let me down at the last minute, thanks for stepping in.Review for end of tenancy cleaning

  • Thank you so much for the work you did for me recently. We knew the house would be musty and dusty because we've been abroad for six months. We found you by chance on the internet and it made such a difference knowing that we'd come back to a house that was fresh and clean.Review for spring cleaning

  • I was very impressed with the standard of cleaning your team managed on my oven. I just don't have time to take it to pieces like your people did, and to be honest I'd be scared I'd never get it back together again. It looks great and I enjoy cooking again.Review for oven cleaning

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